Healing animals through their nature



Barbara began to communicate with animals and nature when she was a child. Growing up with farm animals and family pets she had an instinctual feeling for what they wanted and needed. She recognized their wild natures, their inner qualities, and their suffering. This attunement to suffering awakened her interest in serving in medical hospitals as a young woman, where she volunteered as a lay nurse. In the context of the hospital, she began to develop her method for healing in a very silent way.


In 1991, Barbara formally began practicing. She started collaborating with veterinarians, who helped her to make the bridge between her perceptions and allopathic medicine. These collaborations continue to this day.


Barbara lives in Lugano, Switzerland with her husband, four dogs, two cats, a horse, and a donkey. She practices throughout the world and is available for consultations.

“Barbara knew what my dog needed and wanted.”


Hana Drew

Boston, MA, USA

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