Healing animals through their nature

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I desired to help my patients recover or maintain their health through a lifestyle, which respected their nature using homeopathy, flower treatment and phytocomplexes, but I felt that my understanding of the animals’ inner feelings was lacking. I was not able to read the subjective symptoms which are not discernable from the behavior, expressions or disposition of the animals in my care. I always felt that not being able to understand their true feelings in a physical and emotional sense was a huge handicap. I had therefore been hoping for a while to meet someone who could really bring some light into this darkness.


When I found out that there was an animal communicator among the group of “students” at my course, I asked to speak with her straight away. It was not my first time to meet an animal communicator over the years but I immediately felt that finally I had, not only found a special person, but found someone who could provide sincere, concrete help towards the work I was doing.

“Barbara has the gift of being able to approach the soul of an animal and communicate with them.”


Laura Cutullo DVM

Milano, Italy





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