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We went to choose the dog together from a litter of 8 puppies. Due came towards me with playful curiosity. We could not but choose him. The breeder told me that he had already been promised to another family but I was adamant that it was Due or nobody, so the breeder accepted. Just to be sure, I wrote Due’s tattoo number down so I could check that he would not be swapped with another puppy.


Two days before I was due to collect my puppy, the breeder called me saying that Due had undescended testicle and that I could change my mind about taking him, or I could have a discount on the price we had agreed upon. There was no way I was going to change my mind about taking him home because of this!

“With great love and her extraordinary qualities, Barbara took care of his illness, relieved his suffering and postponed his death.”


Renata Babini Cattaneo

Lugano, Switzerland






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