Healing animals through their nature

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I did not go the cremation, but Barbara did, and afterwards she returned with Winnie under her arm saying that Winnie had refused to be cremated, that he wanted to stay with me because he was going to have a new dog friend soon. I smiled, certain that I was not going to have another dog for a long time but something, which I would not call a coincidence, happened and on January 25th, a wonderful 8 year old Golden Retriever made its way into my life because his owners no longer wanted him.


This is another splendid gift from Due; before he died I said to him “My dear Due, I do not want any more dogs because I have suffered too much but if you think there is a dog that needs me, just point him in my direction!!”

“With great love and her extraordinary qualities, Barbara took care of his illness, relieved his suffering and postponed his death.”


Renata Babini Cattaneo

Lugano, Switzerland






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