Healing animals through their nature

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Sometimes, I am called in right at the point when an animal is ready to make its transition from this world. Over the years, I found myself developing ceremonies that respect the animal and all of those the animal has touched. Each ceremony is unique, drawing from the characteristics of the animal and the wishes of the family.


This service can include all the steps, such as me going to the crematorium or assisting in a burial process. I find that this ceremony produces healing and peace, as it helps the family to maintain a strong connection while accepting the transition.


Renate’s Story

My name is Renata Babini Cattaneo and this is the story of my great friend “Due,” a wonderful Golden Retriever with gentle eyes and a beautiful coat born on February 17th. 1996. He was 3 months old when I received him as a birthday present on May 2nd from a dear aunt.



“With great love and her extraordinary qualities, Barbara took care of his illness, relieved his suffering and postponed his death.”


Renata Babini Cattaneo

Lugano, Switzerland






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