Healing animals through their nature

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My method is always different, depending on what is happening with the animal. If it is possible, I go to the home. Home territory is very important to an animal, and it allows me to get a lot of information.


I observe the animal, connect with them, and in this way, and from what the owner has told me, I learn what needs to be healed. A lot of it is about timing. There is a way of holding a space and waiting, and then what is needed shows itself.


My treatments utilize flower essences, herbal poultices, and hands-on healing. Often, I work as well with a veterinarian who combines traditional medicine with homeopathy.


Sometimes, I guide owners to make adjustments in their relationships with the animals. Animals are here to help and serve their owners, so small things that we do can have large effects on our animals’ health and balance.

“Barbara’s presence and touch was like medicine for our dog,

not just for her body but for her entire being.”


Joyce and Bruno

Lugano, Switzerland

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